Jackson-Stops saves valuable time each week using Reapit

Signing tenancy agreements and saving time on admin has never been easier for Jackson Stops. They now save valuable time daily, and accumulatively with the letter generation templates found within the Reapit platform:

“Following a meeting with our Customer Success Manager at my office and discussing some of the features within Reapit and how they can make the admin aspect of our lettings department more efficient, I have now started to implement these.

The main aspect is letter generating. Having loaded the templates, I can now just select the letter option and choose which letter I want to use. All relevant information is pre-populated for me, leaving just some minor formatting to be done. Whilst only saving a couple of minutes per letter over the course of a week this does add up and will free up valuable time for me to improve and grow business.

Our CSM also recommended we use Adobe Sign for our tenancy agreements and other documents that need signing. The tenancy agreement signing alone will save me in the region of 30 – 45 minutes per appointment which again will enable me to concentrate on other aspects of the business but will also mean that all documents are stored centrally against the relevant properties/tenants making them easier and quicker to access as required.”

Easy, daily reporting also saves Jackson-Stops lettings managers up to 30 minutes every week. Leaving them time to refocus on new business.

“I would like to thank you for introducing the Lettings Daily Report to me and our teams; this has streamlined our reporting process and saved a great deal of time in sourcing the information we need to assess on a weekly basis. We used to request our lettings KPIs from each manager, and this would take them around 30 minutes each to collect across the multiple teams. However, now I can just run this report, leaving them to focus on making more deals. It also has helped to strike a little friendly competition as now each office doesn’t want to come last. A very valuable resource!”

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