Hilbery Chaplin improved data quality above 80% with Reapit’s internet registration functionality

Implementing the internet registrations tool into their Reapit platform helped Hibery Chaplin to generate more applicant leads and see the quality of their data rise above 80%. The tool also helped to boost their monthly valuation count:

“We were keen to look at implementing the internet registrations functionality into our Reapit platform but having encountered some issues with our IT company when attempting this previously, we had reservations about going down this route again. Our Customer Success Manager was keen to press ahead with it though and was happy to get his technical support team to liaise directly with our IT team to implement the tool. Since it has been in place we have seen a noticeable increase in the number of leads being registered, but more importantly our data quality has improved in the Value Report from being 75% into the mid 80% range meaning our matching quality has improved which can only be beneficial for our vendors. The other benefit is it makes it easier to identify valuation opportunities that are entering the system, meaning we are carrying out a greater number of meaningful valuations; our monthly valuation count has improved by 24% on average. More valuations and better applicant registration are key in the current market and the internet registrations tool is helping us to do just that.”

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