DDM Residential improved their completion ratio by 8% using Reapit’s reporting suite

Using the power of Reapit’s reporting and insights suite, DDM Residential saw an 8% jump in the valuation-to-completion ratio, as well as a 7% rise in data accuracy.

“Over the past year, we have been working with our Reapit Customer Success Manager to interrogate the value report further to try and gain efficiencies from the system. The first area of focus was to improve the quality of data going into the system even further, so some checkpoints were put in place to ensure the quality was improving. Our data accuracy score within the system has increased from 85% to 91.9%. A combination of better-quality data, the value report, and the MI reports has allowed our staff to work smarter and our results are proving that as our market-appraisal-to-completion ratio has grown by 8%. The results are positive for us and it also means a better service for our clients as well.”

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