Black Brick saves time daily with Reapit’s Agency Cloud

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The integration of Reapit’s Agency Cloud solution and Adobe Sign helps the award-winning independent buying agent Black Brick to streamline and enhance their services.

Black Brick are an independent buying agent offering a bespoke service to clients all around the world in order to find them their perfect property and help them manage it thereafter if required. Having the integration with Adobe Sign and Reapit Agency Cloud has enabled the Black Brick team to streamline processes, improve our already highly effective and efficient service for clients by making it incredibly easy for us to generate, track and save the documents through our CRM system. So far, we have sent out over 200 documents have been digitally sent out to clients worldwide. Historically each document would take around 10 minutes to generate and send out manually. This process now takes half that time meaning a time saving of more than 2 working days so far, allowing extra time to focus on providing our award-winning services.

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