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Switch to an all-in-one solution that streamlines agency operations, simplifies your workflow, and supercharges block management.

AgencyCloud’s Block Management solution helps you to run your entire business. From controlling budgets, issuing service charges, and tracking expenditure with ease, to effortlessly managing relationships with freeholders, leaseholders, occupiers, and everyone in between. That’s because a great CRM enables you to effortlessly streamline all the moving parts to simplify your workflow, and supercharge your block operations.

Core AgencyCloud Block Management Functionality

Comprehensive budgeting

  • Complete control of income and expenditure
  • Easily categorise and apportion service charges
  • Generate and communicate financial reports

Property management

  • Keep on top of your entire property portfolio
  • Stress-free compliance across the board
  • Effortlessly schedule, manage and invoice work

Manage your relationships

  • Streamlined communications at every client touchpoint
  • A record of truth for each estate, unit, and contact
  • Full activity logs for every record

Dive into the features that’ll supercharge your block operations.

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Power through your day

AgencyCloud’s Power Organiser shows all your tasks for the day with a view of your key priorities in the Messages and Tasks panel.

Use the Estate Management panel to see outstanding checks, upcoming month- and year-ends, and leaseholder arrears that need chasing. View expiring certificates in the Compliance panel, and get an overview of all the immediate works required in the Property Management panel.

The Power Organiser dashboard is completely customisable, so if your role requires different tasks, you can select from a range of panels to appear on your dashboard, such as custom reports and accounting tools.

Power Organiser
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Easily manage your relationships

Great block managers bridge the communication gap between freeholders, estates, leaseholders, units, and occupiers. But it’s impossible to do without a CRM which facilitates it.

AgencyCloud’s estate records provide a clear overview of the key details and contacts to effortlessly manage all the relationships relevant to your blocks, including emergency contacts and insurance responsibilities.

See the leaseholder and occupier for each unit then click through to access further details, such as the activity feed which shows any scheduled reminders for the property and a full ledger of transactions. This unit record also shows any service charge or ground rent apportioned, who’s responsible for paying, the rhythm of payment, communication preferences, and whether the unit is being managed internally. Then you can boost efficiency by sending invoices and expenses directly from the record.

Every contact also has their own record for a full background of any correspondence that’s been communicated.

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Effortless budgeting and charges

AgencyCloud’s powerful budgeting tool makes allocating and communicating service charges completely painless.

Once your budget is finalised, apportioning the service charges amongst the leaseholders is easy. Then within a few a clicks you can save hours by generating a budget report with a breakdown of the costs and distributing it via email to all the leaseholders.

And it’s just as easy to generate and communicate reports such as Income and Expenditure, Budget Analysis, and Directors Reports.

Apportioning budget
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Comprehensive accounting

Our Block Management solution includes built-in accounting tools which make it easy for you to keep on top of finances, and enables you to save hours every week by streamlining multiple processes.

Keep track of all your payments and transactions for every freeholder and leaseholder. Bulk run your service charge invoices across your entire portfolio, or choose to do it per block, or by unit.

Fast-track the tiresome work by scheduling bulk payment runs, import bank statements directly into the leaseholder ledger, create a BACS file to upload payments directly to a bank, and enable your payments to reconcile daily.

AgencyCloud also takes the hassle out of chasing arrears. See a clear overview of what individual leaseholders owe, then save hours with automated arrears by communicating to the respective leaseholders in bulk. 

Informing them on what they have been charged, easily prepare and send leaseholder statements to inform them on what they have been charged.

Budget Report
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Stress-free compliance

It’s a challenge maintaining compliance across a portfolio of blocks, which is why AgencyCloud’s intuitive reminder functionality aims to offload the mental strain of remembering all your compliance tasks.

Keeping track of upcoming expiry dates for inspections, compliance certificates and insurance is stress free, as they will appear as a task in your Power Organiser well in advance. You can also see all your scheduled appointments, reminders, certificates, insurances and appliances in the relevant estate records and activity feeds. Click through to begin actioning tasks instantly, such as sending communications or creating works orders. 

AgencyCloud also provides a thorough compliance checklist, which is recommended when taking on a new block from another agent. The checklist outlines all the compliance processes that need to be adhered to before the new block goes live and ensures the block doesn’t go live until all the checks are complete. You can then attach the relevant documents to each check, so your team can access the information if required.

check list
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Proactive works order and maintenance management

Raising and managing block works orders has never been easier. Create works orders and send communications directly from estate and unit records, which will then automatically log in the respective activity feeds.

List works order details, record who it’s being reported by, and choose which budget it’s being allocated to, before instructing the relevant supplier or contractor via the Works Order screen. The works management workflow also has built-in compliance, so when works surpass a certain amount, as per Section 20, you can send an immediate notification to the relevant leaseholder requesting authorisation to carry out the work.

Choose to pay supplier and contractor invoices either in bulk or individually, with drag and drop functionality to match invoices with works orders. You can also add an authorisation layer for payments.

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All-in-one solution for estate and letting agencies

Run your Sales, Lettings, Property Management and Block Management operations from one solution and achieve complete data synchronisation for enhanced business and cross-selling opportunities.

All the relevant property information from within your estate record, such as individual units, leaseholders, and occupiers, will bridge your sales and lettings property records, for a completely joined up user journey.

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