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Award winning letting agency software

The Reapit AgencyCloud Lettings CRM is the platform of choice for estate agents looking to create efficiencies and spend more time prospecting, all while driving significant growth across their property and tenant pipelines. Deliver a personalised lettings journey for every client that you can track effortlessly with rental property software geared towards energising lettings and tenancy progression.

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Keep your landlords and tenants coming back for more with the Reapit AgencyCloud Lettings CRM

Build new opportunities and focus on winning lettings instructions

Spend more time prospecting and building your property and tenant pipelines with automated uploading of available properties to your website and Portal Feeds, integrated applicant internet registrations sent directly to your teams’ action list and streamlined task plans for employees to follow up on daily. Automated marketing tools and templates reduce manual workloads and provide a boost to employee productivity through significant time savings that can go straight back into prospecting and pipeline development.

Deliver a personalised and compliant lettings journey for every client

Deliver value to clients with a personalised journey curated through an integrated view of data and across landlords, tenants and properties. The Lettings CRM platform uses a cloud database to seamlessly connect your entire business, making it easy to find client and property records and review actions taken and actions due. Your virtual desktop makes it easy to track and stay on top of every aspect of the client journey from market appraisal to pre-tenancy checks across offices, departments and companies.

Record Management – integrated data for landlords, applicants and properties

Activity feeds provide real-time information on your landlords and applicants. Journal and Diary Entries deliver insights and history details to help you personalise the client journey. Move quickly into Tenancy Progression by promptly scheduling and providing applicant feedback, and managing applicant and property offers.

Energise your lettings and tenancy progression

Close deals faster using rental property software that accelerates lettings and tenancy progression with client engagement at the right time and in the right channel. Capture tenancy progression milestones to improve conversion rates and never miss an opportunity again with tools that help you track, report and simplify processes throughout the entire tenancy progression, from arranging tenancies to pre-tenancy checks. Take your productivity to the next level through technology partner integrations that speed up tenancy progression and management.

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Jacksons Stops
The Lettings Daily Report in the Agency Cloud Lettings CRM has streamlined our reporting process and saved a great deal of time in sourcing the information we need to assess on a weekly basis. We used to request our lettings KPIs from each manager and this would take them around 30 minutes each to collect across multiple teams. However, now we can just run this report leaving them to focus on making more deals. It also has helped to strike a little friendly competition as now each office doesn’t want to come last. A very valuable resource!
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Wilkinson Grant
When you have a landlord, who is also a client for selling, and vice-versa, the ability to see what that person is up to and doing with their properties through the connection between lettings and sales in the database, is gold. We didn’t have that until we introduced Reapit’s Lettings CRM. We were missing major tricks, missing huge opportunities with people that we didn’t know about - clients that we’d dealt with for years - that we didn’t know about on the Lettings side, because they didn’t mix in the database. So, for that, Reapit is an essential piece of kit.
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