AgencyCloud's Client Accounts

Accredited accounting software for client management


Manage client monies with full compliance

Reapit’s Client Accounts allows you to manage your clients’ accounts and payments efficiently while ensuring compliance, from a single platform.

Advanced auditing and transparent client accounting features are built-in to ensure easy tracking and protection of client monies, with automated account reconciliation occurring daily. The platform is also fully accredited with ICAEW and safeagent.

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Swiftly handle all payments with care and compliance through Reapit AgencyCloud Client Accounts

Drive efficiency and compliance

Client Accounts is a powerful and compliant accounting platform that makes rent runs and landlord payments quick and simple. Reporting processes are streamlined throughout to ensure you receive your fee payments on time.


Supercharge client accounting

Client Account Reconciliation runs daily improving the efficiency of your client services by offering a detailed and accurate breakdown of all client monies held.

Our advanced audit trail feature automatically logs any changes to key financial data. All activity is logged with the time and date, along with the name of the person making the change giving you an accurate activity trail.


Reduce human error and fraud

Reapit AgencyCloud Client Accounts ensures that a client cannot be overdrawn by paying out unavailable funds. New or amended bank details must be checked and approved by multiple users before you can  make  any payments.

Authorised users must approve a company before any payments can be made to them, and a two-stage electronic company invoice approval is required before you can make an invoice available for payment.

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Here’s how Reapit AgencyCloud Client Accounts helped James Pendleton to boost their rent processing and time efficiency

“AgencyCloud Client Accounts fast-tracks rent receipting by importing the bank statements directly into the landlord ledger and automatically allocating the receipts to the correct landlord/tenancy. By doing this we have saved on average 3 hours a day.

BACS-automated landlord payments ensure accuracy and have saved us 10 hours a week.

Multiple Landlord Payments allow us to pay hundreds of landlords with a single click. This has saved us on average 5 hours per week.

Bank Reconciliations completed daily in Client Accounts help us to remain on top of our accounting. This process was done manually before.

Extensive accounts reporting, as well as many custom options that has saved us more time, especially a monthly renewal and fees report.

Non-Resident Landlord Calculations are carried out automatically, making payments to HMRC even easier. Year-end tax reporting is now done in less than an hour.

Renewals management is easy with automated templates to landlords and tenants letters saving the renewals teams on average 2 days a week.”

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