Property data insights at your fingertips


Industry-leading property analytics dashboards

Reapit AgencyCloud Analytics provides both powerful reporting tools and business-critical management dashboards to help estate agencies make effective insight-driven decisions, improve conversion rates and drive revenue growth with intelligent decision making.

Capture every opportunity and increase productivity by drawing property data from multiple sources and eliminating manual reporting using an integrated suite of property analytics tools to track, report and act on key performance insights crucial to your business.

The answers to your business growth are hidden in your data. Reapit AgencyCloud Analytics will help you uncover market opportunities while providing insights into your agency in ways you never thought possible.


Visualise data, track performance and discover more about your business with Reapit AgencyCloud Analytics

Maximise opportunities, improve your business performance and increase productivity

An integrated cloud database enables you to analyse performance reports from each of your branches, and individual sales managers can easily track their own pipeline results. Boost revenue growth by tracking your daily business performance through built-in Best Practice Reports and pre-defined Power Reports drawn from your database.

Power Reports can be customised for every user to stay informed and keep track of data patterns that can be used to draw insights vital to your business. Relevant reports can be saved for repeat use, and easily accessed via a personal dashboard by adding them to your virtual desktop. Share your reports with team members so they can benefit from the insights that can enhance their performance.

Data Mining – make insight-driven business decisions out of the box

Start data mining out of the box with built-in Best Practice and Predefined Reports to discover patterns and relationships to help you make informed business decisions.

Best Practice Reports such as the Sales and Lettings Daily Reports allow you to draw insights across sales, lettings and tenancy progression. Predefined Power Reports can be used with presets such as ‘No Viewings This Month’ and ‘No Contact This Month’ to help you manage your business performance and set key priorities and KPIs.

Take reporting further by building your own customised reports to track business performance, develop more effective marketing campaigns, maximise opportunities and enhance client engagement.

Understand connections between operations and results and act faster

Get complete visibility of opportunities across your business at the click of a button. Learn more about the entire client journey with a direct visualisation of your customised dashboards, heat maps and charts for market appraisals, applicants, portal enquiries and withdrawals. The dashboards help reveal hidden insights that can lead to new business opportunities; enabling your team to be proactive and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Analysis of portal enquiries and applicants allows you to evaluate your marketing activities, measure return on investment and focus on marketing initiatives that drive business growth.

Drive peak data accuracy for insight-driven business decisions

Run the Data Accuracy Analysis to visualise missing data with a graphical dashboard showing applicant and property data accuracy levels for both registrations and management. With all your data visualised in one place, you will be able to identify whether your teams are entering all the correct data required to close business quickly.

Reliable client data will instantly benefit your business through more accurate insights that you can leverage to improve the accuracy of applicant and property matching, which leads to more viewings, offers and conversions, helping you to make better decision making and ultimately grow your revenue.

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We use the Power Reporting functionality within AgencyCloud for a number of reporting purposes, including market research & analysis, management reporting & KPIs for our office users. Using this reporting tool and having the ability to extract data from the system saves us time and ensures we have real-time data to analyse. Once you have built the report with the relevant criteria, you can save the report within AgencyCloud, meaning we don’t have to build our reports each time we need to run them. Given the complexity of some of the reports we run, this could be saving us 5 hours per week on average.


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