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Few industries are as competitive as the real estate industry. It’s a high speed environment where every minute matters, and never more so when minutes lost equates to opportunities lost. What you need is a one-stop software solution that drives all aspects of your day to day agency operations, multiplying your time by automating tasks, giving you what you want most: better productivity, less hassle and more time to connect with your customers.

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What is Reapit's AgencyCloud?

Reapit’s AgencyCloud solution offers estate agencies a comprehensive range of market leading agency products, with powerful features that will help your agency grow whilst improving overall efficiency.

Drive productivity with the best in property software technology

With Reapit’s AgencyCloud products, you’re playing the game with the industry’s best kept secret for the ultimate competitive advantage.

Sales CRM

The winning platform to close more sales

Lettings CRM

Manage tenancy progression with ease and efficiency

Property Management

Cloud-based property management software for every tenancy

Client Accounts

Accredited accounting software for client management


Property data insights at your fingertips


Responsive on-the-go access to your database


  • Websites
  • Online registrations
  • Auto Email Responder
  • Self-Serve Portals
  • Do more with AgencyCloud

    View and track your most important metrics on one customisable screen with the Reapit Power Organiser

    • Customisable dashboards offer a virtual desktop to keep track of your most important metrics: actions, tasks, live feeds of new listings and live data reports, all in one place.
    • Highly configurable security and authorisation levels can be set by company, office or role to create secure and efficient precision of each role’s objectives and tasks.
    • Add in the Universal Search tool and you’ve got easy, intuitive navigation across your entire client database that underpins why Reapit users love and use the Power Organiser.
    • Reapit’s Mobile solution gives you full, on-the-go CRM access, with all AgencyCloud services at your fingertips, including your Power Organiser.
    Estate Agency Sales CRM Software Screen
    Advanced tools for easy prospecting
    • Prospecting is easy when Reapit’s CRM software helps you to build a pipeline of new vendor opportunities with built-in automation and workflows.
    • Identify leads via search portals by location or property type, and then use the Website Importer to automatically import listings pre-populated into a new property record.
    • Mine your database to discover hidden Market Appraisal opportunities that can turn past applicants, tenants and landlords into new vendors.
    • Send out automated communications on key milestones to turn past vendors into new vendors and nurture winning relationships that keep your agency front-of-mind.
    Save hours with Automation and Taskplans
    • Intelligent Matching scans your entire client database and can automatically match applicants to listed properties based on their preference criteria or location.
    • A single contact record is automatically generated for new applicants after a booking and is retained across your database to streamline communication and reduce data duplication.
    • AgencyCloud’s Taskplans allow you to track any type of milestone and pre-attach a tailored email or letter template, ready to send at a click of a button to deliver a time-based ROI that is second to none.
    • Subscribe vendors, landlords, applicants and properties to the Taskplan ecosystem to stay on top of multiple processes across sales and lettings with these automated reminders.

     Powerful, instant reporting on Key Business Metrics

    • Use powerful, customisable reporting tools and business-critical management dashboards to keep track of key information such as real-time updates on sales KPIs, pipeline results and compliance, to website and portal analytics, all in one place.
    • Generate and customise Power Reports to report on to tap into data, track business performance, uncover market opportunities and make insight-driven business decisions.
    • Set up your very own Business Intelligence dashboard to have all your metrics in one single, streamlined view.
    • Use comprehensive reporting for a detailed breakdown of client accounts and monies held including tax, general reporting and landlord income.
    Compliance that keeps it all in check
    • Built-in compliance tools run hourly background checks, automated calendaring, securitised access, enforced reconciliations before payment, overdraft caps on unavailable funds, and diagnostics.
    • Automated daily reconciliation occurs for client accounts and the chasing of tenant arrears, providing an accurate breakdown of client monies and improving the efficiency your client services.
    • Manage the full flow of deposits held, transferred out, deposit protection and refunds; and include credit notes and adjustments for a smooth end-to-end handling of all deposits.
    • Advanced audit trail features automatically log any changes to key financial data, such as bank details and non-resident landlord information, for an accurate activity trail.
    Market & Advertise like a Pro
    • Maximise your ROIs with targeted marketing campaigns matching properties to your applicant based on property attributes and applicant requirements.
    • You can make live instructed properties with just the click of a button to send details and photos to search portals, saving you time every day that can be reallocated.
    • Provide more relevant property information to your applicants with automated email responses to their online enquires highlighting other property matching their requirements.
    • Manage and track your marketing and advertising campaigns with integration to Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing solutions such as Brief Your Market, Mailchimp and ActivePipe.

    World-class after-sales Support & Training

    • The Reapit Training Academy is available from onboarding and offers a full spectrum of training resources available in Reapit IQ – our online learning platform.
    • Our training offers four tiers of accredited certification in Reapit products that supports all levels of knowledge and adoption, with a curriculum including online videos, virtual courses and face-to-face classes with a Reapit Trainer.
    • During onboarding Reapit does all the hard work, and we’ve safely migrated thousands of branches worth of client data with minimum disruption to day-to-day workflows.
    • All our customers can access the Reapit Service Desk Portal, with 24/7 capability to log, view and chase cases, from anywhere, and at any time. This includes hundreds of Self-Serve FAQs and relevant articles in our Knowledge Base archive, so a resolution is only ever a click away.

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