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Notify makes letting agents’ lives easier by simplifying the process of utility registration. The integration automatically gathers all the information needed to manage tenants’ utility registration. Agents simply submit new tenant information as usual to earn a commission for every new let and ensure tenants are informed of their local authority and utility providers.

Agents benefit by:

  • Earning commission on every tenancy added – and Notify is free to use.
  • Saving time on managing tenants’ utilities – we capture the information automatically when you complete your letting process in AgencyCloud.
  • Getting updates throughout the process – our journal entries give visibility of when we locate and inform energy suppliers. This happens in real-time, as and when changes are made.
  • Create user permissions – have complete control of who sees certain features.

Notify’s integration with AgencyCloud allows you to earn a commission for every let and save hours organising tenants utilities.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.

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We can contact any incumbent energy, water and local authority to complete the utility registration service. We will locate the suppliers and inform them when we receive information from you that the tenants will be moving in.

To withdraw commission, you would login to the Notify portal which will be set up for you when you register to use Notify. You can then request to withdraw commissions at any time regardless of how much you have earned. We pay commissions on the 28th of the following calendar month.

You will be informed by a journal update when the registration is complete. If we were unable to do this, we will also update you via a journal entry.

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