16 Agency Models

February 11th, 2021

Do negotiators manage their own applicants?

Do negotiators lose their applicants to other negotiators if they do not contact them regularly?

Are negotiators set personal performance targets to which they are held accountable?

Do negotiators' salaries include commission based on deals they personally generate?

Are there any staff league tables?

Do you only sell properties within a specific price range (e.g. above £1m)?

Do you only sell properties of a certain type (e.g. period, brand new, mews or apartments)?

Do you only sell properties set in a specific location type (e.g. coastal, rural or riverside)?

Do you only sell properties in a specific area (e.g. a specific development, district or postcode)?

Do you only act for certain types of people (e.g. elderly or developers)?

Is most of your business conducted online?

Do you have branches that the public can visit?

Can vendors or applicants speak directly to negotiators?

Are vendors able to access information concerning their house sales online (e.g. viewing feedback)?

Can the public access an online diary and book a market appraisal without engaging with staff?

Is most of your business information stored digitally?

Can your staff access property and applicant information on a portable device (e.g. tablet)?

Do you keep physical files of all available properties?

Do any staff use physical diaries?

Do you keep physical copies of all completed properties?

16 Agency Models
A1 - Competitive, Specialist, Virtual, Digital
A2 - Competitive, Specialist, Virtual, Manual
A3 - Competitive, Specialist, Physical, Digital
A4 - Competitive, Specialist, Physical, Manual
B1 - Competitive, Generalist, Virtual, Digital
B2 - Competitive, Generalist, Virtual, Manual
B3 - Competitive, Generalist, Physical, Digital
B4 - Competitive, Generalist, Physical, Manual
C1 - Collaborative, Specialist, Virtual, Digital
C2 - Collaborative, Specialist, Virtual, Manual
C3 - Collaborative, Specialist, Physical, Digital
C4 - Collaborative, Specialist, Physical, Manual
D1 - Collaborative, Generalist, Virtual, Digital
D2 - Collaborative, Generalist, Virtual, Manual
D3 - Collaborative, Generalist, Physical, Digital
D4 - Collaborative, Generalist, Physical, Manual

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