Using the Vendor Referral Tool with new applicants

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This simple feature within Reapit Agency Cloud assists you in making sure that any newly registered potential applicant, registered company-wide, who have a property either to sell, or are in the process of being marketed within another office’s area, are identified, with a vendor referral generated for the relevant office.

These will be triggered should the Sales applicant registered looking in Office A’s area have a postcode which resides within your branch network, and have a selling position of:

  • Selling with other agent
  • Selling privately
  • Not yet on market

Agency Cloud will then generate a Potential Vendor email/task to be sent to the relevant office which covers that area.

This can either be set up manually so that you can add to the email/task before sending it to the office, adding in context which may aid them with an introduction, or to be sent automatically.





Enabling this feature as a Reapit customer

To take advantage of the benefits of the Vendor Referrals tool, please contact our Service Team to set it up with a list of Postcode sectors covered by each office within your network.

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