Improve your Data Accuracy with these Agency Cloud reports

April 30th, 2020

Holding quality data is always business-critical and the time now offers a great opportunity to improve the quality and value of the information you hold for all your contacts. Reapit Agency Cloud’s Data Accuracy Analysis report allows you to review and improve your data accuracy, allowing you to not only highlight and identify areas that need some attention, but also areas of opportunity. 

The report focuses on four defined areas within Reapit Agency Cloud:

1) Applicant Registration


This report allows you to assess the quality of data being entered into your system when applicants have been registered so you can clearly identify their requirements and promote the most relevant instructions to them. Ensure that essential criteria, such as price range and requirements have been completed so you can run accurate reports to assist applicants in their property search and generate viewings and offers.

2) Applicant Management


This report focuses on data quality in terms of contact points, highlighting next call dates and the number of people contacted, allowing you to ensure that your applicants are being managed appropriately and kept up to date with suitable properties as soon as they become available. Maintaining regular and quality contact will also help to extract valuation opportunities that may exist within your applicant database.

3) Property Registration


This report identifies that vital areas have been added correctly to a property record, such as pictures, attributes, price and post code, ensuring you can market and match the property correctly as well as keeping your vendors happy with high-quality listings.

4) Property (Vendor) Management


How and when you are in touch with your vendors will dictate to an extent your success rates of business retention and generation. The Property (Vendor) Management report allows you to see how and when your vendors are being contacted to ensure you are providing the best possible service. You can decide for yourself within the settings how often you feel vendors should be contacted, and you can then report against those benchmarks.

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