How to find opportunities in your market appraisals

How to find opportunities in your market appraisals
May 21st, 2020

As highlighted in both activity data and in media reports, there has been a shift in buyer and seller priorities to move. Lockdown may have led potential clients to reconsider what type of property they are looking for, finance may be less accessible and vendors who were only testing the waters on recent Market Appraisals could be more driven to progress, both in Sales and Lettings. 

Identifying who is still ready to move is key. The New Property Report in Agency Cloud can be configured to focus on appointments that took place in the month immediately prior to the United Kingdom entering lockdown. This will give you a good touch point with your potential client to discuss their intentions and route to market. You can of course extend the date range as appropriate.


The above report will return a list of Sales Properties where a diary entry of Market Appraisal was Confirmed, Not Cancelled, and had a timeframe within a month of lockdown beginning.

This is set up to run as a Sales Report, and can be easily changed to produce results for Lettings Properties, as shown below:


As an alternative, you may wish to cast the net a little wider and review all Market Appraisals held since the turn of the year that are still set to Market Appraisal status.

This can also be set to work for both Lettings (as shown below) or Sales, again with a very simple toggle between Sales and Lettings when setting criteria.


This immediately identifies any property with a Confirmed, Confirmed, Not Cancelled, Market Appraisal appointment since 01 January 2020. This particular criteria only returns properties where the owner of the property has a last call date prior to lockdown beginning on 23 March 2020, offering a great opportunity to review, follow-up and evaluate if their position has changed and how you can use this to your advantage. 

Another consideration is whether your staff have taken the time to evaluate potential vendors’ current requirements for their next property. Find out more about reviewing applicants and maximising potential buyer activity in our accompanying article here.

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