5 tips to successful applicant registration

October 9th, 2018

An accurate, up-to-date list of all your applicants, whether they’re a vendor or a potential lead, is the backbone of a top performing agency. The first step in establishing a successful list is ensuring that applicants are registered correctly. If this process isn’t working properly the list can become large and unmanageable, often resulting in:

  • weak data quality
  • missed opportunities
  • property matches taking too long
  • low viewing and offer levels
  • a time-consuming ‘culling culture’ that upsets potential buyers and


To help you make the most of all your applicants from the word go, we’ve taken inspiration from some of our high-performing clients and compiled a list of our top tips for applicant registration:


  • Make sure applicants are being interviewed and qualified by the right staff. Inexperienced receptionists or administrators who do not possess sales skills should receive appropriate training if they are expected to register buyers and record them
  • Following on from the above tip, make sure that there is a program of regular applicant registration training in your branch, covering skills such as questioning, structured selling and closing
  • In RPS the ready, willing and able buyers who are prepared to view properties are regarded as ‘hot’. Is there a consistent, universally defined understanding of what a hot buyer is in your business? Are negotiators identifying hot buyers when they register them? If not, introduce/reinforce the
  • Do negotiators know which sections of the RPS applicant record the company expects them to complete? Is there a ‘best practice’ or ‘minimum standards’ document? If not, then create one.
  • Do you hold a short daily morning meeting, reviewing yesterday’s performance, today’s objectives and tomorrow’s appointments? During the morning meeting are yesterday’s applicants reviewed? If not, add this to the

Leads are unrefined gold, the above tips and the powerful features across the Reapit RPS platform will ensure that you extract the very best contact information to help grow your agency.


Contributor: Andrew Tyler, Service Consultant, Reapit