11 Smashing Features to look for in a CRM

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11 Smashing Features to look for in a CRM-min

The following features are common to quality CRMs, so make sure that the CRM you consider for your business will bring these features to the proverbial table. Pay special attention to built-in features that drive productivity by helping agents manage property and customer details, such as property attributes, marketing consent for GDPR compliance, property status, viewing feedback, contact details, ID checks, landlord properties, and joint landlords.

1) A central dashboard

A central dashboard that can be configured based on role, priority, and business needs will provide real-time updates for key areas of focus, such as sales progression, tenancy progression, compliance, available properties, new instructions, post-tenancy activities, inspection due dates, and internet registrations.

2) Powerful search functionality

An imperative feature, this will help staff to easily find data records in various record categories (contact, suppliers, landlord, applicant, tenancy, and property) across all your databases and branches.

3) One unified database

A solution that integrates all your customer data from every source into a single database across all your businesses, offices and roles will give you a 360-degree view of your business so you can track success and identify new opportunities.

4) Instantaneous record management tools

Providing real-time information on your vendors, landlords, property, and applicants to view information, this feature will enhance customer interactions and the completion of activities/tasks.

5) Rapid pipeline management tools

These tools provide insights based on real-time data to see how instructions and agency fees perform against targets and KPIs.

6) Customer journey tracking capabilities

Use these to monitor critical milestones such as sales progression checklists for property sales through to pre-tenancy and post-tenancy checklists for lettings opportunities.

7) All-seeing background analytics

Look out for analytics features that provide dashboards and customisable reporting capabilities to analyse every aspect of your business and customer journey, giving you greater visibility of your operations and empowering you with timely and accurate information to manage and grow your business effectively through insight-driven decisions.

8) A variety of interaction options

Choose a CRM that offers a choice of interactions with customers and applicants, be it in branch, online, or over the telephone. In particular for online engagement, consider the functionalities such as booking online and continuing the online journey with dedicated self-service portals for vendors, applicants, landlords, and tenants, all designed to speed up sales, lettings, and tenancy progression whilst providing a personalised and enhanced online customer experience.

9) Reminders for messages, task, and alerts

Help employees to engage with customers at the right time, share best practices and support communication flow between colleagues and branches.

10) Continuous built-in improvement

Your business keeps evolving and so should your CRM software. Look out for a product that is continuously improving based on identified best practices and customer feedback.

11) A supplier that has your back

A CRM purchase is not a one and done event so be sure to select a software partner that will provide ongoing training, support, and customer success management to help you grow, retain business, and increase productivity.

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