RPS Mobile – A new year gift from Reapit

February 1st, 2018

Early 2018 will see the release of a completely new version of RPS Mobile, giving Reapit users the ability to access RPS on a smartphone or tablet, alongside RPS Desktop.

RPS Mobile is sure to become an essential tool for any agent working out in the field, giving access to day-to-day functions for both sales and lettings users. Functionality is focused around negotiator and manager tasks – from registering an applicant or adding a market appraisal property, to processing appointment follow ups, setting call reminders or running reports while out of the office.

Using a sleek, easy to navigate, new interface – all of the usual functions and screens including the Organiser, Diary and Reporting have been emulated, along with the added advantages of device integration for easy client contact via phone or email.

The new version of RPS Mobile is the result of a three-year project to redevelop the original RPS Mobile v1, following feedback from users. It has already been through extensive testing with a number of clients in both the UK and Australia and a rollout plan to introduce it to the rest of Reapit’s clients is now underway.

As the new version of RPS Mobile is accessible through a browser, Reapit has also developed a new Secure User Management Service (SUMS), to safeguard against unauthorised access to data. Abdul Alim, Project Manager for RPS Mobile commented: “Providing access to so many functions and so much data on mobile will make it much easier for agents to work remotely and flexibly, but we have also done a lot of work to ensure that data is still secure.”

RPS Mobile contains familiar RPS functionality and has been designed so that a current RPS Desktop user can easily use it. After creating a shortcut to RPS Mobile on their device, a user is set-up and ready to go. RPS Mobile is a complimentary upgrade for all Reapit clients.

Reapit clients can access a fully functioning demo version of RPS Mobile to get hands-on with it in anticipation of full deployment. To request a demo account and password, click here for further information, then click the ‘Demo version’ button.

If you are not a current Reapit Client, we would still love to demo this great solution to you. Just follow the Reapit client instructions above and click ‘no’ on the Reapit Client section when filling out the form – and then we’ll make contact.