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RPS Lettings

Your agency is having to adapt to major legislative challenges as well as market challenges – tenant fees are under threat and landlords are demanding more for less.

The Reapit RPS cloud platform is a powerful suite of applications for property agencies – covering sales, property management, lettings and client accounts. Giving you one place for all your tools and customer data.

The National Approved Letting Scheme

RPS Lettings CRM software features

Central contact database

Information isn’t hidden in RPS – a client’s contact record provides a complete record of your relationship, from their current tenancy, what they are looking to buy, what they rent out and who they know. With a single contact record shared with sales, you can more easily identify landlords looking to grow their portfolios from sales applicant records.

Focused activity

The power organiser is a highly adaptable homepage for your team. It provides a clear view of all important activity, through focused, customisable lists giving easy access to data. You can also view live feeds to monitor for new stock, arranged tenancies and other key events. All of this data can be viewed at an individual, office or company level and can be tailored to give each member of your team a best-practice or bespoke view of the data that is important to their role.

Reports & analytics

Executive dashboards provide real-time business intelligence for making decisions and taking quick action to improve revenue and optimise business. See our dedicated analytics page for more information.


Automatic branch referrals create an effortless method to generate business – potential business is flagged to the offices that need it and relevant external referral opportunities are easily accessible throughout RPS. Integrations with third party referral networks provide a seamless, one-click way of efficiently handling processes such as tenant referencing, along with growing revenues via introductions to other services – like utility providers or furnishing companies.

Improve efficiency

The RPS database provides dedicated areas for the storage of all day-to-day tasks involved in lettings – from pre-tenancy to post-tenancy and everything in between. There are detailed workflows for a variety of processes including renewals and portal enquiries that help your team to operate efficiently and ensure tasks are carried out diligently and systematically.

Document management

All the necessary marketing material, letter and document templates required to run your business are held in RPS. Customisable documents are generated using Microsoft Word, using merge tools to take the information needed. After creation, documents can be saved within the relevant record. A full, non editable audit trail is automatically generated with the ability to view who did what and when.

Diary, tasks & reminders

The RPS diary gives full visibility of activity across the whole business. Appointments can be marked for follow-up plus tasks and alerts can be created. All activity is automatically logged against your client’s contact record, providing a single view of your client through the contact record and across RPS. The diary can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and is also available through RPS Mobile.

Universal search

The universal search function acts as a search engine for the RPS database – allowing a quick search to be performed across the whole database from a single search field. By showing results for other entities like applicants, missed opportunities can be spotted more easily, compared to dealing with just the landlord or tenancy record.

Website enquiries

The internet registrations utility offers a reliable mechanism for processing portal and website leads – helping estate agents to save time on data entry, identify duplicate contacts automatically and enable comprehensive reporting on lead activity. You can assess the true value of your ROI for your each of your portals as you track initial enquiries through to arranged tenancies.

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