Process-driven property management

RPS JET Property Management

Your office may be small, but your growth plans are big.

The RPS JET Property Management platform is your big agency in the cloud.

The National Approved Letting Scheme

RPS JET Property Management CRM features

Process driven

Use RPS to complete all day-to-day processes from pre-tenancy to post-tenancy and everything in between. Extending a tenancy, dealing with works orders, property inspections and supplier details – there’s a logical place to enter new, and review existing, data throughout – and extensive reporting capabilities to extract the data you need. Fault reporting can be integrated with third party partners to offer self-service for landlords and tenants.

Focused activity

The power organiser landing page provides one clear view of all important activity, through focused, customisable lists giving easy access to data. This dashboard can be tailored to the individual role, ensuring team members get visibilty of what’s important to them. Your property managers can easily keep track of important tasks – with the system automatically flagging events such as expiring gas safety certificates and properties due inspections.

Reports & analytics

Executive dashboards provide real-time business intelligence for making decisions and taking quick action to improve revenue and optimise business. See our dedicated Analytics product page for more information.

Central contact database

Information isn’t hidden in RPS – a client’s contact record provides a complete record of your relationship across all departments, so information about your tenants and landlords is continually shared between front office and back office teams. As all your data is on one system, updates by client accounts feed through to the linked records automatically.

Document management

All the necessary document templates for notifying tenants and landlords required to run your business are held in RPS. Customisable documents are generated using Microsoft Word, using merge tools to take the information needed. After creation, documents can be saved within the relevant record. A full, non-editable audit trail is automatically generated with the ability to view who did what and when.

Diary, tasks & reminders

The RPS diary gives full visibility of activity across the whole business. Appointments can be marked for follow-up plus tasks and alerts can be created. All activity is automatically logged against your client’s contact record, providing a single view of your client through the contact record and across RPS. The diary can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

Universal search

The universal search function acts as a search engine for the RPS database – allowing a quick search to be performed across the whole database from a single search field, ensuring a full view of your client.

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