Reapit advances PropTech innovation with Foundations PaaS launch

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November 6th, 2019

London – 06 November 2019 – Reapit today officially unveiled its Foundations PaaS Developer Portal and App Marketplace to over 300 guests and PropTech developers at one of the world’s most sustainable venues, The Crystal. In attendance were some of the top residential sales and lettings brands including Acorn, Arun Estates, Chestertons, Countrywide, Connells, LSL, Keller Williams,  Leaders Romans and Savills; alongside leading PropTech agencies such as Brief Your Market, CCT Technology, Rightmove, Viewber and Zoopla.

“Today, Reapit became the UK’s first property CRM to open its platform and customer base to third-party development with the launch of the Foundations PaaS Developer Portal and App Marketplace,” said Gary Barker, Chief Executive Officer, Reapit. “Foundations PaaS will accelerate the development of solutions that will enhance the entire customer journey, and it’s fantastic to be at this technological frontier that can lead global PropTech innovation.”

Expanding Innovation Across Agency Cloud and Property Cloud Solutions

The Foundations Developer Portal and App Marketplace enable customers, ISVs and developers to extend the power of Reapit’s market-leading Agency Cloud and Property Cloud solutions to lead the way in global PropTech innovation. Foundations was developed in response to an ever-increasing demand from agencies and PropTech developers to integrate with Reapit’s award-winning software. This ground-breaking innovation will allow agencies and PropTech developers to integrate with and build upon the Reapit platform with their own bespoke solutions.

When interviewed for feedback after the preview event, Pritesh Shah, Chief Digital Officer & Operating Partner of Keller Williams Weybridge said: “I like that Reapit are going to open up the Enterprise to more partners and to create an ecosystem which is really flexible. To move fast in this era, software providers need to move faster than their customers. We’re looking forward to exploring the Foundations platform to see what it can do for Keller Williams, and to the official rollout in January 2020.”

Unrivalled App Marketplace for Property Agencies

Designed for property agencies, the Foundations App Marketplace enable Reapit customers to quickly build and deploy ready-to-use apps that extend Agency Cloud and Property Cloud functionality, automate business processes and integrate data from third parties into apps built directly on the platform. With the organic App Marketplace offering tested and approved integration, agencies will be able to grow their businesses while accelerating time to market, with more time to manage marketing and technology costs. All apps built into Foundations share an integrated, secure data and identity management model for advanced security and easy integration.

Apps published on the App Marketplace will contain ready-to-use functionality, enterprise-grade reliability and meet full compliance. There will be zero maintenance costs for customers, and upgrades will be rolled out on an automated basis. Users will receive personalised recommendations and apps can be integrated both on and off the platform, whilst it is envisaged that consulting partners and developers will assist with the support of the platform.

Enterprise Program To Facilitate Customer-Driven Experiences

Reapit introduced the Enterprise Program, allowing customers to build and distribute apps seamlessly and securely on top of Reapit’s Foundations platform, for use in-house within their organisation. Private apps can be distributed across an organisation, to a single office or user. The organisation owns and maintains all app coding, providing the flexibility to make changes directly to app whilst retaining all intellectual property rights. Customers can also publish their apps to the App Marketplace (usage charge will be applied).

Unleashing PropTech Creativity With An Open Developer Portal

Designed for PropTech developers, the Foundations Developer Portal allows developers to build powerful and in-demand apps using their preferred tools, languages and frameworks, and then publish their apps to the Reapit App Marketplace, with all the benefits of distribution and infrastructure capabilities, and access to Reapit’s customer base of over 40,000 global users. This facilitates shortened development and sales cycles and the ability to focus on innovation while accelerating time to market, and more time to manage marketing and technology costs. Developer Portal features include:

  • Self-service enrolment with developer autonomy to manage their own keys and enrol to APIs, with a flexible workflow and dashboard.
  • API documentation that allows developers to interact with the APIs and UI’s sandbox right from the portal.
  • Up-to-the-minute notifications when key events happen on your services, APIs, portals or developers.
  • Access policies.
  • Rate-limiting.
  • API analytics that with global and configurable views on how upstream APIs are being used and made available.

Previewing Live Partner Integration

Reapit previewed a live on-stage partner integration with Robert Sendall, Managing Director of Lifetime Legal. Lifetime legal launched their app directly from Reapit’s online checklist app, extending the opensource code that the app is built with. The new app was Lifetime Legal-branded. Highlighting the importance of correctly administrated AML checks, Sendall commented that with the integration, “we can take the data already entered by the branch staff into Reapit and, while they are working on making more sales, we get on with the compliance checks. In fact, we turn around 85% of all checks in just 7 minutes while still on the phone to the client.”

World-Class Technical Design

Developed to set single customer data standards, a first for the industry, the technology and design behind Foundations PaaS includes world-class infrastructure and architecture environments that are entirely new, and have been built from the ground up to ensure a fully scalable, high-performance platform that can be driven to developer-specific requirements for near-real time integrations. Multi-factor authentication will securely manage identities and protect app data. The technical innovations and benefits of the Foundations platform include:

  • A brand-new global cloud-based infrastructure designed and built to provide high availability, redundancy, scalability and performance.
  • An event-driven architecture to provide scalable, custom notifications between Reapit Agency Cloud, Property Cloud and external sources.
  • New authentication service provides multi-factor authentication, encryption of data-at-rest and in-transit and identity and access management including Microsoft Active Directory, SAML 2, Oauth 2 and OpenID Connect.
  • App-centric cloud strategy will ensure performance, security, and availability no matter where an app might be deployed – in the cloud, on-premises, or as a Service.
  • Built around a robust security architecture, with a multi-tenant architecture that provides a fine degree of security control over everything from user and client authentication, to administrative permissions, to the data access and sharing model. Our authentication layer supports MFA, encryption of data-at-rest and in-transit and is ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, and ISO 9001 compliant.
  • Reapit, with industry leaders, is also establishing an advisory committee to provide guidance and best practices on the key issues involved in the development and implementation of technical standards to support consumer and property data sharing in the real estate sector.


The Foundations PaaS Developer Portal and App Marketplace will roll out from January 2020.




Sandra Pretorius, Marketing Director

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