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Integrations and partnerships

How our partner ecosystem works

The Reapit open platform partner program is at the hub of a proptech ecosystem delivering tested solutions and increasing choice of tools for agents. We provide supported integrations solutions to third parties via our web services (API) and other methods, on condition that they conform to our data security and privacy policies. All integrations are fully tested by Reapit before deployment. Reapit provide a suite of SOAP API’s which are available through RPS Digital product.

Our Development Roadmap is focused on providing an Open API. This underpins RPS Mobile, RPS Digital and RPS Desktop, but also the Reapit App Store and the browser-based version of RPS.

Become a Reapit partner

To discuss integration or partnership opportunities, please get in touch.


If you are an existing Reapit client interested in integration, then please contact your Client Success Manager to discuss how we can assist.

Reapit partners