Behind the Scenes: Making the Reapit sales videos

Dani Webster

Dani Webster

Field Marketing Manager at Reapit

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Reapit has been helping estate agencies to put growth on repeat for over 25 years with our end-to-end technology platform trusted by thousands of estate agencies across the UK.

When it comes to developing technology that delivers for agents, experience matters, and at the end of the day it’s the people behind the tech that sell it best. Because one thing this industry knows perhaps better than any other is that ‘people buy from people’.  

For the making of our Sales videos, we settled on video marketing because this is where the lead generation action is – the gurus report that 71% of B2B marketers use video in their strategies because of the significant return on investment.

We realised that showcasing product features and benefits is more powerful when it comes from an expert. You know when you chat to someone who really knows their stuff? They’re not selling, they’re sharing. Their passion is infectious. If you’re experiencing the problem they’re talking about, you’re drawn in. You’ll want to know more.

These are our people. The experts who know our product inside out.

And they’re fired up about how it makes life easier for estate agents. We would create a series of 10 short videos featuring our people speaking about a specific problem common to estate agents and how Reapit has a tried-and-tested solution endorsed by a happy customer.

We would cover core topics such as, Drive growth with reporting and decision intelligence and How does Reapit help me run my agency?

Even B2B SaaS is essentially a person-to-person sale. So not only would this series be a lead-generation tool, it would also be a trust-building campaign.

Quality all the way. Our videos would have to be professionally produced.

We’re all well aware that shoddy video production does a brand more harm than good. Video production company TopLine Film came highly recommended. Going with these professional film makers turned out to be a wise decision, and well worth the investment. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

But just take our word for it. See for yourself:


The big exercise was saying everything in no time

Videos need to be short enough that people will watch them through to the end. Getting the scripts down to a suitable length was tricky, but we did it.

The videos had to sound natural, which meant rehearsals, readthroughs, encouragement from the director . . . and some fancy footwork in the production phase, where scripts needed to be adjusted in real time. Scripts were read off a teleprompt but sometimes they don’t sound right when spoken, so changes must be made once you hear the people say the words out loud. Some people were able to do read throughs in one take, others needed to break it up into bite-size bits.

The director was thrilled with the performance of the interviewees.

Picture this. Animation makes sense.

We wanted the viewer to have the sense that Reapit is simple to use. Animation would do this by illustrating concepts and processes with easy to grasp graphics.

Besides the script, a written storyboard was created, with placeholders for the animated sections. To visualise how the animated sections would appear, some style frames were mocked up using abstract user interface and iconography.

Looking down the lens.

Once we found a date that everyone could make (not an easy task), a studio in Wapping, London was booked and rehearsals started.

Because none of us are actors, we needed help with our wardrobe to make us camera-ready. Clashing with the background was to be avoided, so everyone had to bring multiple outfit choices.

When it came to shooting, each person looked down the lens and spoke directly to the audience. To keep it interesting, a secondary camera provided shots from different angles.

Post-production is where it all came together.

The Topline Film team assembled and edited the footage, created the animation from scratch, added music and voice-over (adjusting levels for perfect sound on mobile and desktop), and applied the final colour grade. (This is the abridged version.)

Trust-building: real solutions showcased by real people.

Even at enterprise level, decision-makers trust other people before they trust a brand they don’t know. We set out to create personal introductions to Reapit from real people who are knowledgeable and passionate. We’re thrilled to have these people at Reapit.

These videos aren’t anonymous or generic or boring. They’re recommendations from people who believe in Reapit’s value. We’re looking forward to sharing them far and wide.

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