A 360 view of your customer

The independent challenge

You joined the digital revolution and ended up with a platform for lettings, one for sales and another for property management. But because your data is stored in three different places, you’re missing opportunities. You cannot see that one of your landlords is booking viewings with sales. Or that the valuation enquiry that came in overnight is from someone who has worked with your agency before. You’re really starting to feel disconnected from your customer’s needs.

How can you possibly continue to grow when you are only getting a 90 degree view of your customers?

How Reapit can grow your agency

Reapit gives you a single view – a 360 view of your customer across sales and lettings, property management and client accounts, desktop and mobile, … everything.

Now you can grow additional revenue by uncovering missed opportunities with detailed analytics. You can give your team the tools and the processes to ensure consistent service delivery and to enhance the customer experience with access to real-time information about their property.

Reapit gives you a stronger relationship – with ongoing training and award-winning support. This helps you to focus on growing your business, leaving the technology to us as your trusted partner.

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Reapit is the proven platform that successful estate agents use to run and grow their business

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£4bn in lost agency commission

We studied over 100,000 properties that came off the market in 2017.