Foundations Developer Portal and App Marketplace

The Crystal Auditorium
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Full Keynote Presentation

  • Introduction | Gary Barker, CEO – 0:00:18
  • Introduction | Dawson Scott, CPTO – 00:03:18
  • The Platform Architecture | Craig Bryan, Head of Platform – 00:08:05
  • The Marketplace and Developer Portal | Will McVay, Head of Cloud – 00:37:30
  • Product Innovation, Matt Goddard, Product Director – 01:07:22
  • The Future of Desktop | Paul Haynes, Head of Desktop – 01:21:30
  • Closing Remarks | Dawson Scott, CPTO – 01:34:40
  • Closing Remarks | Gary Barker, CEO – 01:41:57
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The Platform

Learn about the Foundations Platform with Craig Bryan, Head of Platform.

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The App Marketplace

Learn about the Foundations App Marketplace and Developer Portal with Will McVay, Head of Cloud.
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Product Innovation

Learn about the product innovation opportunities that Foundations offers with Matt Goddard, Product Director.

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The Future of Desktop

Learn about the future of desktop on the Foundations platform with Paul Haynes, Head of Desktop.

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Introducing Reapit Foundations & App Marketplace

What is Foundations PaaS & App Marketplace and how it will change the future of PropTech? Watch this 2 minutes video to find out. 

Interviews at the launch event

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Rus Sellers from Starberry

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Kristjan Byfield from The Depository

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David Tollemache from Helmsmen

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