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Automate your sales process with Yourkeys, the award-winning transactional platform for Estate Agents. The platform digitises and automates the process from reservation to exchange. Agreed a deal? Just click a button in Yourkeys and we’ll do the rest!  

So, what does it do? 

  • Send a link to your buyers to reserve completely online via their own device. 
  • Auto-complete AML/ID/Address checks on your buyers in seconds using biometric technology 
  • Reservation agreements automatically generated 
  • Digital signatures 
  • Fee processing
  • Select from hundreds of integrated, highly rated conveyancers 
  • Track sales progression in real-time which are pulled directly from the solicitors’ own systems –  So no more chasing for updates!  
  • Keep your buyers up-to-date via our ‘white-labelled’ dashboard to track their purchase. 

‘Yourkeys clients save on average £16k a year compared with paying for the above services separately’

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution as part of the Reapit CRM Software, get in touch today.


Yourkeys automates all of the admin required to process a reservation and then allows you to track the conveyancing process moving forward to exchange and completion, so once you’ve agreed a deal, just sit back and Yourkeys will do the rest.

That’s fine. You can still instruct them, you just won’t get the real-time progression updates. But don’t worry, you can update them manually which will then update your buyer.

Yes, Yourkeys works for both. If it’s a new home we’ll even take care of things like HTB applications and CML forms. When you set up your properties, just tell us whether its a new home or a resale, we’ll do the rest.