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SalesRook helps you harness the scale of WhatsApp – a channel where conversations are proven to happen 25x faster than email. It’s the seamless link between Agency Cloud and WhatsApp for your agents.

As a Chrome Extension, SalesRook sits next to WhatsApp. Agents simply connect SalesRook to Reapit using their Agency Cloud login credentials and link WhatsApp on their mobile device to to complete setup.

All WhatsApp messages automatically sync directly to the relevant contact record (tenant, applicant, etc) in AgencyCloud.


  • Do more deals & increase revenues by speeding up interactions & decisions.
  • Gain full transparency of your Agents conversations – carrying positive customer service & revenue implications.
  • For agents who make WhatsApp notes in Reapit, they will no longer need to, saving lots of time.
  • Unlike API based solutions, with SalesRook, your agents will use their own WhatsApp number, meaning your business can continue to cultivate & maintain high-quality, personal relationships.
  • Prevent GDPR/AML risks and stay compliant. Keeping accurate records whilst working in WhatsApp allows you to stay onside.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.

Watch: How SalesRook integrates with Reapit

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That’s not a problem. 

In this case, your agents will download the free WhatsApp Business App using either their DDI line or a virtual number with it. This allows them to run 2 separate versions of WhatsApp on their mobile device. Their new WhatsApp business account is what will sync with Agency Cloud.

This is fantastic news for your business and your employees because it means personal and business WhatsApp messages can be kept 100% separate.

Also, WhatsApp business has an automated response feature so your people can set out of office messages to avoid being expected to respond at all hours of the day & night.

SalesRook is a mobile friendly solution. But, it does not work directly on mobile devices.

What we mean by this is that while your agents are out and about conducting viewings, the messages they send will not sync into Agency Cloud immediately. However, the moment they return to the office and open SalesRook on their desktop/laptop, all of the messages they’ve sent throughout the day will ‘catch up’ and automatically sync into the correct place in Agency Cloud.

For more information about SalesRook, including pricing, please WhatsApp SalesRook on +44 330 043 0479 or email Remi, from SalesRook, at
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