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reHeroes is fast becoming the #1 AI-chatbot choice for real estate, with over 2,000 property managers and 120,000 users.

We provide chat solutions using a natural language AI experience to assist property managers and agents with the handling and nurturing of tenant requests, portal enquiries and website leads.

Our core product is an AI-powered chatbot called “Alex”. Alex communicates directly with new business prospects and existing tenants and takes care of the transactional “busy work”. He is like having a 24/7 team assistant.

Alex troubleshoots tenant maintenance issues and can answer general tenancy related self-service questions like “how much is my rent and when is it due?”. This streamlines operations and automates monotonous tasks, allowing property managers to focus on high-priority projects and mitigate unnecessary stressors. 

Users interact with Alex via existing channels – including Messenger and your website. There are no apps, portals and logins which is driving user-adoption.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.

Watch how the reHeroes and AgencyCloud integration works

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£79/mth for 100 properties, £0.30/additional property

£259/mth for 700 properties, £0.25/additional property

£384/mth for 1200 properties, £0.22/additional property

+ VAT + £199 onboarding fee

Month to month plan, no lock-in contracts.

  1. Activate your account via our website, it take 2 minutes to sign up.
  2. We’ll book a 30-minute onboarding call with our implementation team so we can customise Alex to suit your office.
  3. Your version of Alex goes live! Less emails, less calls, less texts and an enhanced customer experience!

Our AI frees up the equivalent of 1 day per week (equivalent) for a property management team managing 800-1200 properties.

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