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Propoly is a best-in-class pre-tenancy platform designed for letting agents.

It automates everything that bores you, does tasks that take hours in a second, ticks every box, satisfies every legal detail, boosts your brand, fits your business like a glove, improves your finances and makes every user smile.

It knows paperwork and compliance eat into your day, so it automates all the pre-tenancy tasks, including document generation and signing. It makes the job super speedy, efficient and always complete.

What’s more, Propoly lets you offer all the extras tenants want and makes earning commission on great products simple.

It’s the simple way to find tenants homes, make landlords smile and make more money – without making life hard.

Remember when you loved being a letting agent?

Get that feeling back.

Do it Propoly.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.


Propoly automates document generation and signing (ASTS, offer letters, guarantors agreements, prescribed information, holding deposit guides). That’s great news for you, because you’ll no longer need to fill out legal documents for every tenancy.

Plus, Propoly is one system that integrates referencing, utility switching, digital signing, payment collection and more. It’s all in one place and moves the process along automatically. Say goodbye to using multiple systems to progress a tenancy.

Propoly is all about user experience and customer service.

Propoly allows you to earn commission on each sale of the following services: Utilities, Media and Broadband, Tenant content insurance and more to come.

Given the Tenant journey is entirely online, the tenants are presented with the most relevant services throughout the journey, optimising conversion and increasing your revenue potential without you needing to get involved. 

Compliance is in-built as part of the Propoly experience. The journey is continually vetted and updated in line with the latest legislation. Whether it’s ensuring all compliance documents are served to tenants or you have an audit trail of all emails sent, Propoly has got you covered.

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