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Keeping track of keys in a busy office environment can be frustrating. KeyWhere is our solution to that age-old problem. The product of years of research and development, KeyWhere helps you track your keys in real-time, saving you a whole lot of time and frustration. 

Secure your keys 

Don’t leave the security of your customers’ keys to chance. Our user-friendly key management solution alerts you to unauthorised access and keeps a detailed log of all check out activity, two things the humble log book has yet to master. 

Eliminate inefficiencies 

Going to grab a set of keys for a viewing only to find they’re not where they should be is not only inefficient, it could be costly. KeyWhere allows you to reserve keys ahead of time, which means they’ll be on the board when you need them. The scheduling assistant will even help you find them so you can get out of the office faster. 

Grant access to others 

There’s a better way to manage third party access to your keys than using pen and paper. KeyWhere’s QR code checkout feature allows trusted third parties to check keys in and out without having to log in to the system. And don’t worry about keys going missing. Our automated reminders let people know exactly when keys are due back at the office 

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Say goodbye to missing keys

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KeyWhere uses RFID chips in both the key fob and also, the key-board. These talk to each other and provide a real time sync between your board and your software giving you full visibility of where your keys are. Using a digital key book we can assign and track who has borrowed the keys and we can communicate with the borrower.  

Using the boards stops the mistakes of not signing keys out, staff taking them off the hooks and not scanning readers and encourages good practice by having alarms and warning messages to stop your keys from going missing.  

Key management in estate agency has long been a time consuming and sometimes costly part of the industry that is still vital part of what you do on a daily basis. Whether that is a lost key, cost of replacement locks, chasing staff and contractors, time spent searching for the right key that’s on the wrong hook, cancelled viewings and those all-important, but dreary, key audits.  

KeyWhere stops the above by always knowing whether the keys are in the right place and on the right hook and tracking which staff members or contactors that have borrowed them. From your desktop you can email and text the borrows to remind them to bring it back or have this done automatically by setting return dates.  

Once up and running KeyWhere will import your current list of properties, keys codes and staff members so there is no data duplication and each time you add a property to Reapit you can import the data seamlessly.  

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