How Can The Government Incentivize First-Time Buyers?

Reapit CEO Gary Barker looks at what the government can do to incentivise first-time buyers.

How Can Estate Agents Capitalize On The Booming Northern Property Market?

Reapit CEO Gary Barker discusses how estate agents can capitalize on the booming Northern property market.

London property market stagnates – but Brexit isn’t the only factor –and some areas of the UK see growth

Reapit CEO Gary Barker explores the factors beyond Brexit that are impacting property growth in London.

How Has Brexit Affected Foreign Investment In The U.K. Property Market?

Could it be possible that the now dreaded B-word has irrevocably damaged the reputation of British property amongst overseas buyers?

Three London Property Market Trends You Should Know About

What is happening to London’s sales and lettings market, and perhaps more importantly, what are the underlying causes? Is this shift in the market related solely to uncertainty surrounding Brexit, or...

2018 – What Happened In The Property Market And Why It Matters

One word describes the 2018 real estate industry: unpredictable. CEO Gary Barker looks back at what drove this erratic market and advises what we can learn as we look ahead.

Three Ways Estate Agents Can Insulate Against A No-Deal Brexit

CEO Gary Barker offers sage advice in the case of a no-deal Brexit vote.

What the Real Estate Industry Needs to Know About the UK’s New Tenant Fees Bill

Gary Barker delves into what the real estate industry needs to know about the UK’s new Tenant Fees Bill.

Putting Momentum Back Into The U.K Property Market -What The Government Needs To Do

What should the Government do in 2019 to put the momentum back into the property market? Our CEO, Gary Barker shared a few suggestions via Forbes.

Property Market Predictions 2019: Remaining Cautiously Optimistic

Reapit CEO Gary Barker shares his property market predictions for 2019 on Forbes.

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