Nock Deighton brings on 5–8 extra properties per month with Reapit

Working together with their Customer Success Manager helped Nock Deighton maximise team efficiencies, generate more business and understand the value of their data. See how this helped them increase their instructions and bring on new properties:

“It has been a pleasure working with our Customer Success Manager over the past few months. He has quickly developed an understanding of the make-up of Nock Deighton and has worked hard to ensure that he has provided us with solutions which enable us to maximise the efficiency of our teams and the speed and effectiveness with which they interact with Reapit as a system. His professional, knowledgeable and affable manner makes working with him a pleasure and the confidence that we have in him is pleasing having only worked with him for such a short time. He is helping us to generate more business through his knowledge of the reporting and allowing us to understand our data importance. We have been working on our Market Appraisal status properties and have found an increase in instructions during a time where the market is known for slowing. We are bringing on around 5–8 extra properties in a month, which is worth a lot to the business.”

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