Nicol & Co boosted instructions by 23% with focused Agency Cloud reporting

After reviewing their reporting level in Agency Cloud with their Reapit Customer Success Manager, Nicol & Co established a series of reports that brought an outstanding leap in offers accepted.

“We undertook a review in July of this year (2019) to see if we were maximising the opportunities that exist within our database. With that we sat down with our Customer Success Manager to look at some figures and review the level of reporting we were using. From there we set up a series of reports that helped us focus on the areas of opportunity that were in our database allowing us to work efficiently for us and our clients. The results have been very positive – from the first month of implementing the reports we saw a 23% jump in instruction numbers. This in turn has resulted in higher viewing levels and ultimately the sign of success for us and our clients lies in the offers. We have seen an increase of 32% in the number of offers we receive, and an 8% jump in the number of offers being accepted so the results for our clients are outstanding.”

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