Michael Jones increased Applicant Data Accuracy over 5% with Sales Value Reports

The Sales Value Report allowed Michael Jones estate agents to work smarter and leaner with a 30% reduction in live applicants:

Since tracking the Sales Value Report with our Customer Success Manager, we have seen a positive shift in a number of key areas. Our overall Applicant Data Accuracy has increased by over 5% since September (2018), which is really important as the better the quality of data going into Agency Cloud will directly impact the quality coming out the other end. The Sales Value Report has allowed us to look at applicant levels and we are now working smarter and leaner with approximately 30% less live applicants compared to 6 months ago, this has allowed us to keep on top of next call dates and spend time with buyers who are serious. We have also cut our ‘potential flight risks’ by half and have also made significant headway with identifying potential opportunities with our historic market appraisals.

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