Manning Stainton grow and develop their business using Reapit

Reapit’s single platform helped Manning Stainton deliver enhanced customer experiences to grow and develop their business.

“The connections and the relationships that we have with Reapit and the senior team at Reapit are, I think, a great asset of ours… and they have really helped to advise on how we can grow and develop our business using Reapit, as that “Mothership” in the middle of everything, everything needs to connect into that and what they’re doing in the future is only going to help enhance that for us.”“Reapit can help grow your business, it can also help create efficiencies, particularly with your lettings business. If you get that single platform working across your business effectively I can tell you from our own benefit, it really, really helps enhance the customer experience as you’re going through the transaction, through the process, dealing with that all-important interaction the way that it needs to be, and then keeping in touch with those customers following on from that, and Reapit’s a great tool to help you do that. So don’t be too put off by the cost of it, Reapit genuinely is worth the investment.”

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