Lawrence Rand boosts multi-property viewings by over 47% with manager training

Training with their Customer Success Manager helped Lawrence Rand to discover their potential and opportunities from within the Reapit platform, leading them to deliver 47% more multi-property applicant viewings by year-end 2018.

“In September 2018 we had a managers’ activity session with our Customer Success Manager, where he was able sit with each member of the team and highlight the various areas of opportunity within the Reapit platform. By looking through the applicant Marketing Intelligence reports it was easy for our staff to see where the various valuation opportunities existed within the system, as well as easily being able to contact the motivated and active applicants. As a result of this we have booked in an increased number of valuations, and our viewing-to-offer ratio has improved.

That same month the percentage of applicants viewing more than one property was just over 37%, but by the end of the year that increased to over 47%, meaning we were delivering more viewings from motivated buyers to our clients and in turn increasing the number of offers being generated, which had a positive effect on the sale price for our vendors.

The management activity session was a big help and assisted staff in refocusing their efforts, meaning we are out-performing other agents in our area.”

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