Kimmitt & Roberts saves 4 minutes per enquiry using Reapit’s Internet Registrations tool

Kimmitt & Roberts-01-min
May 20th, 2020

Since they started using the Internet Registrations tool in Agency Cloud, Kimmitt & Roberts’ Head Office quick processed over 300 enquires, with daily time savings reallocated towards their top-class service.

“Kimmitt & Roberts have recently updated how Internet Registrations are processed moving from manually processing email enquiries to automating the entry of these into their CRM system via the Internet Registrations tool within Reapit’s Agency Cloud product.

Since launching, Head Office alone have processed over 300 enquiries. This allows our team to respond quickly and efficiently to customer enquiries and gives time back that would previously be spent manually keying in data. With an average saving of 4 minutes per enquiry so far, 2 and a half working days have been returned to staff to continue to provide a top-class service and experience to customers, rather than manually processing data. As a result, this tool will now be rolled out to all offices helping us to improve our already high-quality service and putting our customers first as always!

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