Kimmitt & Roberts recovered 9 working days by invoicing through Agency Cloud

Kimmitt and Roberts
November 5th, 2019

Migrating invoicing and key storage information to Reapit’s Agency Cloud platform helped Kimmitt & Roberts drive up their efficiencies and sell more houses:

“Kimmitt & Roberts have completed the process of moving all invoicing and key storage information onto Reapit’s Agency Cloud platform. Not only is this now more secure, but this allows us to collaborate between offices, and cut down on paper waste and save time that can be better spent servicing our customers and doing what we do best – selling houses!

Previously, this information was stored manually on paper documents at each office. In an effort to become more environmentally friendly we wished to cut down on as much paper waste as possible, meaning a move to an online solution was a key requirement.

The decision to do this also provided a much more secure environment for data to be stored and allows for much better collaboration between our office network, as well as head office functions.

Our invoicing process is now much more efficient, on average saving around 10 minutes per invoice generated, from the automation of the details, to the ability to send straight out via email and track.

Since the introduction of this new process, we have already recovered around nine working days that have been on providing the best level of service possible for our loyal customers.”

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