FBM saves hours every month with Agency Cloud’s TAPI system connectivity

The TAPI system’s connectivity with the Reapit platform is an effective time-saving tool for FBM Estate Agents, helping to establish caller ID and streamlining contact.

“I find the TAPI system invaluable. The amount of time saved is immeasurable due to its versatility. It also adds to the professionalism of the company being able to identify who is calling, it provides that personal touch that hopefully our competitors won’t have.

Not having to take contact numbers; just pressing “print screen” saves me 5 or 6 hours throughout the month.

Again, the Mobile app is vital when you are out and about or not in work to be able to plan the workload of yourself and the office.

We no longer need to print off our diaries on a daily basis – saving around 30 minutes each time and saving us money. We just take our phones with us.”

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