CBRE saves up to 5 hours per week with Agency Cloud reporting

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Analysing data from reports drawn from their Reapit software helps CBRE to better understand their business and create significant time savings.

“We use the Power Reporting functionality within Agency Cloud for a number of reporting purposes, including market research & analysis, management reporting & KPIs for our office users. Using this reporting tool and having the ability to extract data from the system saves us time and ensures we have real-time data to analyse. Once you have built the report with the relevant criteria, you can save the report within Agency Cloud, meaning we don’t have to continually build the report each time we need to run it. Given the complexity of some of the reports we run, this could in some cases be saving us roughly 5 hours per week on average – this is a significant amount of time saved that we can then spend on analysing the data from the reports, which helps us understand more about our business and where to focus our resources.”

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