CBRE now save 45 minutes every time they run a Landlord Annual Income Report in AgencyCloud

Ludmila Naicker, Head of Client Accounts, explains how AgencyCloud’s new, embedded ROPL-01 feature enables CBRE to generate Landlord Annual Income Reports in the exact format required by HMRC.

Client Accounts reporting is an integral part of our lettings business and something that we rely heavily on Reapit’s AgencyCloud CRM system for. Our Customer Success Manager highlighted a recent feature addition to the product that has given us the ability to be able to generate a Landlord Annual Income report in the necessary ROPL-01 format that HMRC require.

“The report details all the revenue for our landlords within the tax year and as such needs to be added into the specifically accepted format for HMRC to ensure compliance and accuracy. Previously we were having to manually input the data into this format, which was time consuming and ran the risk of errors that can be associated with manual data entry.

“This new feature provides us with exactly what HMRC require from us and has saved us around 45 minutes each time this process is run. This time saved within the department has led to us to be able to streamline our processes and re-invest that time to ensure that service levels to our customers continue to be of the highest standard.”

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