Bond Oxborough Phillips utilises every available lead with Reapit

Bespoke reports developed with their Reapit Customer Success Manager helped Bond Oxborough Phillips to track their KPIs and follow up on every lead available in the Reapit platform.

“At the start of 2019 we went live with a bespoke report that we scoped with our Customer Success Manager to ensure we were building a report that matched exactly how we operate as a business. As well as the KPIs that most business have, we also wanted to make sure we were utilising all of the available leads within the Reapit platform and rewarding our staff accordingly. We are keen to not just reward staff for sales, but also picking up on opportunities and managing sales from start to finish to ensure we offer a complete service to our clients.

A big decision behind us moving to Reapit and the Agency Cloud solution was to use the reports and reduce the amount of time it was taking to produce our reports. The old reports took over an hour a week to complete per office but the new report we use is run in a couple of seconds, so we are saving a few days of manpower per month by having use of the new report.

We’ve also been utilising the applicant Marketing Intelligence (MI) report following a user group session earlier this year and that allows us to easily get to the motivated applicants who are actually out viewing properties, as well as seeing which of those applicants also have a property to sell or let that we may be able to assist them with. By being able to get to those people quickly and easily it means we are running efficiently and that can only be of benefit to us as a business and of course to our clients as we are introducing their property to hungry, motivated buyers.”

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