Atkinson Mcleod created significant time savings using Reapit’s Internet Registration tool

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Reapit’s automated Internet Registration tool helped Atkinson Mcleod to process applicant leads more efficiently, which over the period of a single quarter saved them over 31 full working days across all departments.

“Atkinson Mcleod have been using Reapit’s automated Internet Registration tool to help speed up their Applicant registration process across the company for sales and lettings. They found that over a quarter they would process a variety of volumes of leads at each office into the system and during especially busy times they could find these leads climbing very quickly. They looked at the basic requirements for a registration and found that this could take from anything between 3-5 minutes to complete a full registration manually. However with the automated Internet Registration tool, they were able to skip this process by importing the leads directly into their system and reducing the replication from an email as well as any replication on their system to keep their data clean and accurate. Over the period of a quarter, Atkinson Mcleod were able to save over 31 full working days across all the departments in administration time solely by using this method. Atkinson Mcleod pride themselves on their service, and with these time savings, it allows for the staff to be focused on other key roles such as servicing their clients and searching for new business. This also gives the business an opportunity to further develop their services or increase the number of touch points with clients.”

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