Armitstead Barnett saves time each month using Reapit’s Applicant Import tool

The Applicant Import tool in Reapit’s Agency Cloud solution helped Armitstead Barnett to process internet enquiries more efficiently, saving up to 2 working days each month.

“Armitstead Barnett have been using Reapit’s Agency Cloud solution to process internet enquiries from our website and internet portals. We are able to save around 4 minutes on average per enquiry by using the tools in Agency Cloud.

Following a review of recent enquires that have been handled in this way, this has led to time savings of more than 2 working days each month across our network that can be better spent delivering our incredible customer service. Armitstead Barnett’s investment in technology means that each sales branch gets time back to add better value to their customers, this has also resulted in a significant reduction in paper and printing costs, helping with our aim to reduce our environmental impact.”

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