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The corporate challenge

You’re a household name in property, but you are facing unpredictable markets, increased regulations, technology disruptors and shifting consumer expectations that can make growth difficult. You’ve ended up with separate legacy systems for sales and lettings – and no way to deliver a consistent customer experience across your offices, or through digital channels. You’re starting to feel disconnected from your customer and you’re missing opportunities on a widespread basis.

A real estate enterprise cloud platform to unite your organisation

You need to consolidate technology and to grow your revenue by uncovering missed opportunities in your already extensive database. Reapit gives you a single view – one view of your customer across sales and lettings, property management and client accounts, desktop and mobile, … everything.

Now you can reduce duplication, drive efficiency and delight your customer with a consistent experience that extends to self-service through your own website portal.

With a best-in-class cloud infrastructure designed to ensure performance and security, you can enjoy a new found confidence that comes from using Reapit as your technology partner.

Our solution for corporate agents

Reapit is the proven platform that successful estate agents use to run and grow their business

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£4bn in lost agency commission

We studied over 100,000 properties that came off the market in 2017.