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Property sales software for real estate agents

The Reapit Agency Cloud Sales CRM provides agencies with the tools they need to maximise productivity, develop intelligent prospecting and close more sales than ever before. Give your clients a personalised sales journey with streamlined and best-practice inspired sales progression milestones that will help you generate more revenue.

Estate Agency Sales CRM Software

Enrich your prospecting, win sales instructions and keep your clients happy with the Reapit Agency Cloud Sales CRM

Increase productivity and focus on winning sales instructions

Increase productivity with a wide range of automated tasks and spend more time prospecting and selling. Selling properties becomes simpler and faster with integrated internet registrations, automated marketing tools, quick uploading of ‘for sale’ properties to your website and Portal Feeds, streamlined task plans sent directly to your teams’ action lists, and one view of vendor, applicant and property data across your businesses. Develop intelligent prospecting using the Website Importer feature to import new property records, including pictures and descriptions, from Search Portals to your database. Match properties to targeted applicants in your database and send email campaigns with the click of a button. Target properties as part of your prospecting activities and build a whole market view of comparables.

Power Organiser – your virtual desktop for staying connected and progressing your sales business

The Power Organiser provides a complete overview of every key sales activity on a single screen, and allows you to create and configure your own virtual desktop based on departments, users and roles.

Personalised dashboards on your virtual desktop display a top-level overview of Sales Progression, Available Properties, News Feeds, Messages, Reports, Follow-ups and Tasks.

Task and Alert reminders can be quickly and automatically assigned for each role in the business against Client and Property records, with quick links and message panels to make calls or send emails.

Business Management – real-time insights to drive decision making and spot key areas of focus, all from your Virtual Desktop

Dashboards provide real-time updates that can be added and configured for key areas of focus; from market appraisals, available properties and sales progression to Internet Registrations and New Instructions.

Universal Search – find the right information quickly and easily

A single search field provides quick and easy searching of multiple types of records (properties, applicants and contacts) across all offices. Advanced search options are available for specific search requirements e.g specific fields or archived records.

Provide a personalised sales journey for every client

All your client and property records can be easily retrieved using the Universal Search feature and quick links from a single cloud database, so you know who has been in contact with a client and when. Vendor and applicant contact details are made available during key stages of sales progression workflow and daily tasks, allowing for quick emails or phone calls at the click of a button to keep prospecting and sales progression on target. Templates for emails and brochures within the CRM ensure marketing and selling communications are on brand and actions logged against the client record for future reference.

Contact and Property Record Management – data for vendors, applicants and properties at your fingertips

Stay connected and informed with single-view activity feeds for your vendors and applicants. Gain insights and personalise the client experience with Journal and Diary entries. Provide feedback on viewings and manage applicant and property offers to move smoothly into sales progression.

Applicant Record

View and manage all applicant details on one screen, from marketing consent and key requirements to offers and applicant status. Easily and quickly match applicants with suitable properties within your property portfolio.

Property Record

View and manage all property details on one screen, from property attributes and marketing consent for GDPR compliance to property status and key contact details. Easily and quickly match properties and send properties to applicants that match the criteria within your database.

Vendor Record

View and manage all vendor details on one screen, from marketing consent for GDPR compliance and ID Checks for properties to vendor status and referrals. Keep in touch with your vendor with quick access to letter templates for all communication needs.

Effortlessly shorten and speed up sales progression

Accelerate sales and close deals faster by tracking sales progression and assigning tasks and alerts to engage with your clients at the right time. The platform’s clear sales and chain progression milestones have been developed with built-in best practices to drive faster revenue growth by offering powerful reports that track key performance metrics, and automated marketing tools and tasks that simplify processes throughout the entire sales progression so you never miss an opportunity.

Sales progression tracking – capture every crucial milestone with complete visibility and control

Structured, concise and transparent workflows are displayed on a single screen to enable easy tracking of all sales progression stages from offer through to contract completion.

Sales Chain

Get the complete picture with sales chain features to avoid delays and manage vendor expectations.

Power Reports – track key metrics across your business

Build reports on all your data and configure them based on criteria and attributes that matter to your business targets and KPIs. Reports can be saved to your Power Organiser for quick access and shareability with colleagues across all your branches for maximum transparency and collaboration.

Sales Daily Report – complete visibility of all  sales activity

Instantly know where to focus and prioritise your daily sales activities against top-level business indicators.

View high-level updates on major sales progression milestones and drill into specific results where needed; relevant records and screens can be opened directly from the report.

Pipeline Management – direct insights on your business performance and achievements

Gain real-time insights on instruction figures, exchanges fees and pipeline fees against targets and KPIs.

Know instantly your pipeline performance, identify gaps and the key areas to focus your attention and effort. Determine areas for further business development by analysing how many opportunities your business missed in correlation with the amount of fees lost.

Referrals Management – provide better client experience, hassle-free referrals and faster revenue generation

Hassle-free referrals with all relevant details automatically generated to send to preferred companies.

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The matching functionality within the Agency Cloud Sales CRM is great and a huge time saver for us; previously we manually had to select buyers to gather into a matching email to send out, which could take up to 45 minutes. It allows you to match applicant requirements to properties with a couple of clicks. It now takes less than 1 minute to match applicants to properties, saving us roughly 10 hours per month. This has in turn allowed us to use that time saved to focus on other areas of our business such as carrying out market appraisals, whilst ensuring that we are accurately matching our applicants needs to find them their dream property – a real boost for our customer service levels!

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