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Reapit Agency Cloud Property Management is the landlord software of choice for tenancy administration, communication and client experience. Every aspect has been fine-tuned to make life easier for all key stakeholders, while streamlining renewals and post-tenancy requirements so that properties are either filled or immediately on the market for consistent revenue generation.

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Look after your inventory and tenancies with Reapit Agency Cloud Property Management

Streamline processes, increase efficiency and provide an enhanced client experience

Property Management lets you provide an enhanced and responsive client experience by reducing manual administrative tasks and activities such as authorising/managing payments, and posting invoices. The virtual desktop will help you track and monitor important tasks such as compliance certifications and inspections due on properties with due dates.

Productivity and efficiency will increase as Reapit’s property management software streamlines the process of raising works orders from the Property record and scheduling inspections, rent reviews and safety certification dates from the Tenancy record. Manage and keep on top of these activities with personalised dashboards that you can easily build into your Power Organiser.

The Power Organiser – your virtual desktop for staying connected to and informed about your tenancies

Providing a full overview of your property management activities on one screen, the Power Organiser allows you to create your own virtual desktop via personalised dashboards tailored to specific property management users and roles, each with a dedicated Property Management panel for a user-specific overview of key information such as works orders, inspection dates and renewal dates.

Tenancy Record

Effectively manage all activities required during a tenancy. Initiate renewal negotiations, rent reviews, inspections and track post-tenancy activities from the Tenancy record. Assign tasks and reminders directly to the Tenancy record and never miss an appointment or activity.

Property Record

Manage and access all your property data in one easily searchable place, from tenancy details and letter templates for all communication needs, to raising works orders and compliance certifications.

Works Orders Record

Manage and assess all your works orders from the Property record; search and view existing works orders. Raise new works orders individually or as bulk works orders, assign tenant(s) and company to new works orders, add details and schedule dates. Keep on top of work orders and easily chase up contractors for updates by consolidating all work orders details relating to specific company into an email.

Maintain smooth and quality interactions with your landlords by authorising invoices before posting and send them together with landlord statements.

Landlord Record

Manage and access all your landlord data in one easily searchable place, from ID Checks and tasks, to landlord properties and joint landlords. Improve the client experience for every landlord in your property management system by managing landlord floats and payments.


Company Record

Manage and access all your companies data in one easily searchable place, from assigning tasks/reminders to suppliers, document management, to uploading accreditation and viewing current works orders. Company information connects directly with the Works Orders feature, allowing you to easily search for relevant companies that can be viewed on either a list or map and assign them to works orders.

Tenancy Management – capture every opportunity appointment while fully compliant

Never miss an appointment with easy to carry out advanced schedules for rent reviews, inspections and gas certification checks. Assign tasks to the tenancy and easily input and record meter readings.

Hassle-free end-of-tenancy management

Turning around renewals with renewal negotiations and scheduled renewal dates can be completed directly from the Tenancy record. And if a tenant decides to leave, a clear and structured post-tenancy checklist is available to ensure every milestone is ticked, so the property can go straight back on the market.

Renewal Management – relax and renew, on time, and every time

Start renewal negotiations from your virtual desktop through a personalised dashboard showing tenancy renewals, or directly from the Tenancy record. Use the Renewal feature to schedule renewal dates in advance and assign tasks. Automatically fill agreements with tenancy clauses and communicate these using the Letter Templates feature.

Post-Tenancy – provide an easy end-of-tenancy process for landlords and tenants

One single view of all post-tenancy activities and tasks in a transparent and structured checklist. The moving out process is simple and smooth for tenants, from deposits and utilities to check-out list and key returns. A well-managed moving out process speeds up property remarketing for your landlord and reduces their period of lost income.

Communication Management – straightforward communication with reduced risks

Easily contact tenants and landlords using the Letter Template feature to create, edit and update templates based on stages, milestones, required activities and tasks. Email and text messaging are also available contact options from within the feature to all relevant parties.

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Armitstead Barnett have found some real time savings having moved over to Reapit Agency Cloud Property Management. We previously worked with a lot of paper invoices and documents but since Property Management has been in place the department has been pretty much paperless. This has a benefit in terms of cost, but more importantly makes information easier to find and quicker to access, allowing for a better level of service for landlords and tenants.

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