Reapit sponsor Estate Agency All-Stars

7th Feb 2013

Reapit are delighted to announce backing for an exciting new business headed up by a number of renowned and respected estate agency figures. Estate Agency All-Stars is about to introduce a new concept to the industry. They will offer pre-employment training which will turn enthusiastic trainees into members of staff who from day one will not only be able to function in a professional manner but also immediately impact their employers' bottom line.


Estate Agency All-Stars, a joint venture involving Joshua Rayner (Rayner Personnel), Julian O’Dell and Peter Chapman (TM training & development), will access suitable trainee negotiators from around the UK from a pool provided by a number of sources, including, put them through an innovative and thorough recruitment process, which includes a video interview, psychometric test, literacy and numeracy tests and much more, before the very best of the best are presented to prospective employers, whether they be corporate or independent companies.

Once those firms have chosen which trainee(s) they wish to employ, those individuals will then be invited to a ten day training course to cover all the key skill and knowledge areas that will enable them to be effective in their new jobs from day one. Communication skills, legislation, interpersonal behaviour, selling techniques and the "nuts and bolts" of sales and lettings will all be included in the programme. This will mean Estate Agency All-Stars commence their career with a high level of confidence and there will be minimal need for their employer to spend time showing them the ropes. Above all, this approach will help raise standards in the eyes of the consumer – a goal which is long overdue.

Simon Whale, Director of Reapit, commented "At Reapit we are committed to raising standards across our client base, that is why we include complimentary on-site training for all of our clients. When we were approached by the Estate Agency All-Stars, we had no hesitation in offering our support in this exciting new venture. We are confident that this exciting initiative is sure to bring the next generation of high-level talent into the industry."

Julian O'Dell, Director of Estate Agency All-Stars, says "We are very excited about this business which merges the key disciplines of talent selection and training while providing a huge helping hand to young people wishing to join the profession."

Joshua Rayner, Director of Estate Agency All-Stars, adds "We believe that entry qualifications for estate agency will come in time, so we are simply providing the next best thing until that happens. We will be training and placing almost 500 new recruits in the first year and our objective is that by 2020, every estate agency firm in the country will employ an Estate Agency All-Star!"