Reapit launches new integration with raterAgent

18th Feb 2016

Reapit and raterAgent have partnered up to help agents win more business and strengthen their fees by maximising their use of testimonials from their current and past clients. 

Agents using Reapit’s RPS software will now be able to generate an e-mail to a contact directly from the software requesting a raterAgent review. The integration will encourage all team members to capture great testimonial opportunities which can then be used as a powerful marketing tool. 

“Our research from tens of thousands of reviews, including raterAgent and Google Reviews, shows that the average rating for an agent is 4 out of 5 stars,” said Mal McCallion, CEO of raterAgent. “That’s a huge vote of confidence in the quality of service that the best agents are producing – but one that is significantly underutilised as a point of difference amongst agents in their marketing.

“By partnering with Reapit we’re making it easy for agents to generate these testimonials and use them to show their next clients how good they are. In turn, this will win business and enable them to be strong on their fee rates. In short, they can prove the quality of their service and show that they’re worth more than their competitors.”

Simon Whale, a director at Reapit commented, “We know that our agents are the best in the business and that their clients can testify to that, and we know that testimonials are fantastic for lead generation – word of mouth is our biggest driver of new business opportunities. What’s been missing is the simplicity of capturing that testimony on a trustworthy and transparent independent review website. By partnering with raterAgent – who have a ‘triple-lock’ checking system to weed out fake reviews from dubious sources – we’re confident that anecdotal evidence of our agents’ quality will become documented fact.”