“Reapit has it covered” says Martyn Gerrard after switching to RPS

23rd Feb 2016

Martyn Gerrard is now live with RPS. The 11 office agency that operates in North and North West London moved estate agency software providers from Webdaddi to RPS to support their growing business. The company which has over 100 employees is using RPS across their sales, lettings and property management operations.

David Smith, director at Martyn Gerrard said that Reapit has always been on their radar with fellow agents in the industry recommending their software and service. He commented:

“We had been with our previous CRM system for more than 8 years and we had complete familiarity with it and what it could do. It did a good job for us. However as our company grew and more demands were put onto our CRM its short comings became more apparent. The time had come for us to look for a more robust system that could match our ambitions and provide us with a tool to help us drive our business forward.

“Reapit had always been on our radar as fellow agents would always sing its praises. So the time had come to bite the bullet.  As with anything involving technology it always looks easy on paper. However every scenario we threw at them was answered positively as Reapit could handle them with ease.

“Moving from one system – which held nearly a decade’s worth of records, training and acclimatising the sales and lettings teams to a new way of doing their daily work – seemed to be a very high mountain to climb. The Reapit team took it all in their stride. A time frame was agreed and stuck to. I had expected disaster to strike at any moment, but the Reapit integration team jumped each hurdle with ease and the deadlines were met. Having to train 100 people in a short space of time to ensure all were up to speed when the system was turned on, could have proved a logistical nightmare. But again Reapit dealt with it brilliantly. Their training program was well thought out and well executed. 

“Any new system will undoubtedly have its teething problems and when you deal with computers nothing runs smoothly. So I approached the day of switch over to Reapit with a certain amount of trepidation. Indeed there were some small hiccups – but they were very quickly and efficiently dealt with and the transition went far more smoothly than we could have hoped for. If there were any problems or technical hitches behind the scenes that caused the Reapit team to pull their hair out and have sleepless nights, we certainly didn’t feel it – they were always cool, calm and in control.

“Would I do it all again? NO WAY – there is no need, Reapit has it covered.”

Reapit has incorporated a number of integrations into Martyn Gerrard’s software solution including Postcode Anywhere and Homeflow.