Daily Sales Report

26th Aug 2016

Since its introduction earlier this year, our Daily Sales Report has proved to be a particularly popular new feature with many of our clients.

It gives you almost instant access to real-time data across a range of key metrics including the volume and value of Market Appraisals, Offers and Instructions as well as the less positive, but still important events like Withdrawals and Fall-Throughs.

One of the most useful aspects of the report is the ability to drill down and get at the specifics, you can view the report data at four organisational levels:

1. Company-wide

2. Region

3. Office

4. Negotiator

With an easy to use, grid-based view, users can drill into the detail of where your business is excelling or struggling in a timely manner. Simply clicking on any particular figure will then reveal the records that make up that number, making it easy to investigate any numbers of concern.

Many clients have started using the report for morning meetings, enabling branch managers to present live data and focus their team on the areas they must improve on for the day ahead.

What's more, you can see how your business is performing across the same metrics for the month, helping you to spot trends and focus your teams on longer term goals as well as the daily priorities.

The Daily Sales Report is just one of a number of developments that we are making to give clients access to real-time data and reporting. These developments are designed to ease the reporting burden on managerial staff. With less reliance on manually compiled spreadsheets, teams can focus more time on revenue producing activities whilst improving accuracy.